There is never a time when I am NOT impressed by the sheer amount of production Sandra accomplishes. Details considered, brand integrity maintained, efficiency of time. Having Sandra on an experiential project is worry free planning in my eyes.
— Kevin White, Founder / Chief Strategist, XPL
Sandra is a strong and valuable project partner. She brings a unique blend of artistry, intellect and organization to every project. She offers a wide scope of professional experience in various areas of production, marketing and creative initiatives. From celebrities to volunteers, Sandra shows an ability to be an effective and impactful lead.
— Liz Glover Wilson, CMP, CSEP - President, Elizabeth Rose Consulting, LLC
From the first day you came in, you were the example of calm under pressure. I hope you are proud of playing a role in what is being called a ‘Huge Success.’
— Mary Morrison - Membership Manager, Clinton Global Initiative
Sandra is a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, and extremely reliable. I look forward to working with her again and again and again.
— Lorraine Mariella, CSEP/CMP/President, Celebrations Meeting & Event Management
Sandra is an amazing event planner! Creative, detailed and disciplined with budget. She is a key asset to any team and has the ability to take your vision and strategy for an event and transform it into reality. Excellent marketing mind too! I’d recommend her for any project that you may have.
— Sue Bender - Director of Education, Event Leadership Institute
I believe Sandra Placide, CSEP to be one of the most professional Event Planners in New York!
— Vincent E. Ahaesy - Producer/Director/Partner, P&V Enterprises
I deeply appreciate your dedication to the Initiative, and I hope you are proud, as I am, of all that you did to ensure the overwhelming success of this year’s conference. Your work and investment mean a great deal to me.
— Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, Clinton Global Initiative
Sandra produced the ISES Metro NY kick-off event in September 2008, which was easily the best kick-off event we ever had. She did a superlative job, and brought to the table the rare combination of creative ideas, strong follow through, and a great attitude. I highly recommend her!
— Howard Giver - Founder, Event Leadership Institute

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